Jessica Menken

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Jessica Menken

Jessica is a North Central Iowa native who took a four year tour through Illinois courtesy of a magazine ad, and returned to Iowa with a small family, a dog, and a degree.  Through the adventures of change and (at times) uncertainty, she settled in the Des Moines metro in 2011 along with her two amazing sons and too many boxes.

Jessica works remotely for a law firm that specializes in wealth risk-management for high-net-worth individuals as well as a film financing/production company both based in Malibu, California.  In addition, she works locally for a well-respected law firm specializing in estate planning.  You will find four phones on her desk, dozens of windows open on her computer, a plethora of spreadsheets, a significant amount of carb crumbs nestled in her keyboard, and one screaming goat. She loves her work and the people she has the honor to serve.

Her sons, Elliott and Isaak, are her inspiration, motivation, and often the unwilling (yet gracious) recipients of her fierce love.  They have grown into young men that together are the sole source of her pride and joy - constant reminders that love, coupled with vigilant determination and a sense of humor, can truly overcome anything life could possibly offer - a Champion and a Hero, respectively.  Her dog-child, Arthur, a 15-lb mini goldendoodle, is a constant reminder that a cute face can get you anything you want if you are persistent enough.

In her free time, she practices yoga, reads non-fiction and novels, writes words on paper, listens to music and podcasts ad nauseum, loves to watch Gordon Ramsay cooking shows then pretend she can also cook or bake, checks in and spends time with her favorite humans (including the dog who thinks he’s a human), and pursues growth in her faith (Psalm 19:14).