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"I first met you through the man up program and I did not know it at the time but in the years to come you would have major impact on my life and I'm writing this comment to let you know that you're one of my biggest idols when we first met I was getting suspended quite often but through the things you told me and through your music I've found that getting in trouble isn't worth it and you're one of the reasons I got into music and one of the reasons I sing so often so thank you Will for being such a life changer and showing me that I was headed down the wrong path" - Jason

"Will_I just wanted to tell you that I love you because the way everybody losing they life out here in these streets we'll never know it might be one of us one day. And if it be one of us I want to at least let you know that I care about you." - Taymoe

"Thank you so much for coming to Washington High School yesterday! You're story is so inspiring and motivating. You're amazing, God Bless 💞" - Mackenzie

Hearing William Holmes talk to our school today made me realize how out of control myself and people around me are getting. We disrespect teachers, the desks, supplies, lockers, lunchroom and each other. It's not just at school it's everywhere! He motivated me to try and change I know I can and so can you. Thanks again Will!" - Neveah

"What can I say.... you have shook the grounds of this city and demanded the youths attention. In just a short period of time you affected lives for the better when so many have been headed for their worse. You gave light to their dark situations and still do. Never stop this journey you were placed on. Continue to man handle that shit and be triumphant. I went from hearing people hate and talk shit to respecting everything you do. You're making a change if you know it or not." - Emmanuel

"Thank you for what you do and are trying to do for the black community in bringing everyone together & bring peace among everyone. I see you and know of your work. Keep it up. Thank you again" - Liberty