Kelsey Butts

Board Member

Kelsey B

Kelsey Butts was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. She graduated from Des Moines East High School in 2014 and received her bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences from Iowa State University in 2019. Following graduation, Kelsey has experienced working in the corporate world. “I have been working temporary positions with Wells Fargo, yet my goal is to be in a position where I can dedicate myself to my artists and charitable events full time.”  Kelsey manages 3 aspiring Rap Artists and is the CEO of Greedy Mi Management and Entertainment. The name Greedy Mi is a tribute to her siblings, Brian Wheels (Greedy) and Amerah White (Mimie). Her older brother Brian passed due to complications with Type I Diabetes and her sister Amerah was lost in a tragic accident due to a drunk driver. After experiencing an ample amount of grief in her life, Kelsey found her purpose in bringing light into the community of Des Moines. Kelsey spends her time planning and hosting events aimed towards community give back. In November of 2020, Kelsey hosted a Coat Drive where she fundraised with her artists to provide free coats and a hot meal of chili at the Martin Luther King Jr. Park. In February of 2021, in honor of Black History Month, Kelsey and her artists hosted a free Hair Care Event for children in the community to receive haircuts and braids as well as hair products to maintain their styles. Kelsey has a passion to provide for those in need. “It is important that we love where we come from. The only way to show we love our city, is to provide for it!”