Our Mission: Encourage and educate young people living in disadvantaged and oppressive circumstances using the arts, entertainment, hip hop, music, programs, and a variety of other methods with the objective of breaking down the barriers of fear, intimidation and other damaging factors leading to a sense of being disenfranchised, forgotten, and rejected.

Our Vision: A community collaboration to enable and empower young people to interact constructively in schools, with police officers, and other government and civic leaders to create partnerships with the business community and build significant relationships to encourage positive life choices. Young people would have a roadmap to a secure future and a path to sustained and increasing quality of life and it Starts Right here!


  • Single Parent Families
  • The Breakdown of the Family Unit
  • Mental Health Issues / Trauma
  • Lack of Financial / Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • Challenges in Educational Math & Reading Proficiency
  • Healthy Role Modeled Relationships
  • Growing Teen Violence/ Juvenile Delinquent Behaviors 
  • Generational and Cyclical Dysfunctional Patterns in Families

With Community Concerns such as these, there comes a leadership standard raised up to tackle these dilemmas with other community stakeholders. That Movement we believe is STARTS RIGHT HERE.

Starts Right Here (SRH) is busy inspiring at risk youth in the Des Moines Public Schools and motivating youth through speaking events. Will Keeps, SRH President, performs empowering songs to inspire and speak truth. Among the songs that he has released over the last several years, his hit song “Wake Up Iowa” is the song that means the most to him and the song he spent the most time on. Wake Up Iowa sends a message to people that violence and hate is not the Iowa way and instead we need to learn from other cities mistakes so we don’t end up being ravaged by violence and crime.

Many leaders around the city and state are becoming familiar with SRH and Will Keep's music, as well as the passion for helping youth and his overall huge heart and amazing spirit. He has been in the press countless times for the SRH movement and is the first to ever have city officials in his music videos. SRH has strong relationships and has been in collaboration with Governor Kim Reynolds, Police Chief Dana Wingert, and Pastor Al Perez to make a difference and fulfill our mission.

In a world where violence and hate is far too common, it takes individuals like William Holmes (Will Keeps) and organizations like SRH to help rid the world of these atrocities. One thing is for sure, however, Will cannot continue his mission of empowering youth to make positive life choices through music, sports, education or whatever their dreams may be without all of our help! The help of a community that owes it to all of our children to create a world where youth do not have to grow up like Will did. It’s also on our community to maintain that world for future generations to come and support good doers like Will. At the end of the day, you can tell when someone has a good heart and is doing things for the right reasons and this is William Holmes aka Will Keeps legacy and it Starts Right Here with ALL of us TOGETHER.

We are showing youth that they have a purpose and building hope through relationships.

Join Us!