Stoy Hall

Vice President - Treasurer,

Financial Advisor

Stoy Hall

Why I do what I do... 

Growing up we never got ahead and achieved financial independence, then through my college career working at the Boys & Girls Club, I realized the lack of financial literacy in our country and the effects it has on most of our population. Those two events combined set my path to "Rid the World of Financial Illiteracy." something I strive to do daily. I am tired of people feeling like they lack the "wealth" to be financially independent, so I fight every day for that!

"To Rid the World of Financial ILLITERACY"

Some may say that this goal of mine is audacious...because it is. I know that I may never achieve total financial literacy in the world (just a few billion of us to go) but I know I am going to do everything that is in my power to achieve this. You may not know but the majority of people in our society are considered "financially illiterate", most by no fault of their own. This is a tragedy to me, if we can educate each other financially a lot of our economic problems go away, a lot of our unhappiness will go away and most important our poverty will go away.