Graduation from high school is a big deal. It affects our kids' long term identity and their potential to generate the income needed to live above the poverty line. Research indicates academic achievement leads to better employment opportunities and, ultimately, long term self-sufficiency. SRH mentoring programs bridge the gap during critical times in a child's development to keep them on track for the kind of future many of us take for granted. The poverty cycle can be broken and it Starts Right Here! SRH serves "at-risk" students grades K-12 in Des Moines, 70% of whom are minorities. We work toward a long term goal of building a local pool of workers who are educated, equipped, and empowered to build successful lives.

At Starts Right Here, we have the opportunity to help deliver and develop financial literacy programs at our location. Employees could volunteer to help with interview preparation, career-building skills and help kids develop communication skills. We have wonderful opportunities at our new location to tutor kids after school, volunteer as mentors for kids, and supervise activities they enjoy!


The Porch

Comfortable environment for kids to talk through life issues. Personal approach to communication in a group setting. Lives impacted: 200 kids per year

Second Chance

It's not about what you been through but it's how you get through. Mentor kids one on one through the Des Moines Police Department. Lives touched: 100 kids per year


Polk County Juvenile Detention

One on One communication to inspire hope. Hope Shared: 20 kids per year

Talent showcase through video and song. Give them a vision through another lens. Hope for something different than what they see around them. Positive influence reinforced: 300 kids a year

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